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Luxury Secondary Residences


Owning a beautiful luxury vacation home is something that everyone wishes they could have but few are able to allocate the necessary resources. Often, it can be difficult to justify given the steep capital investment, operating and maintenance costs when statistics show that most people only use their vacation home 17-30 days each year. There is a better way with shared ownership. 


Demographics are changing and many people no longer view retirement in the traditional sense. “Continuals” view a life work balance that simply evolves. Continuals have earned workplace flexibility and are not interested in completely stopping. These individuals blend travel and career interests on an ongoing and indefinite basis.

The combination of today’s technology with  plentiful and inexpensive direct flights makes limited partnership of a vacation property both desirable and affordable. Now it is possible to spend holiday time in a luxury home with complete privacy, plenty of space, and no more busy restaurants or line ups.

Keefer Shared Ownership Inc.(KSO) offers a financially responsible way to enjoy an outstanding vacation residence using Limited Partnership ownership. We foster simple, straight-forward, equity based, shared ownership of gorgeous vacation residences. We appeal to those that value equity, pragmatism, and pride of ownership.

 A Limited Partnership allows a group of similarly minded individuals or families to co-own and share managed use of a vacation home. This is not a timeshare. The main distinction between timeshare and a Limited Partnership Unit, is that a timeshare sells you the right to use a property. With a Limited Partnership you are buying real estate. Therefore, if the property appreciates in value, so do the shares. Our plan also includes a guaranteed, and transparent market value investment exit strategy at 12 years.

 The investment offered here is our premier site, located in the beautiful deeded community of Thurston Groves, Seminole Florida. The property is held by a Florida registered Limited Partnership.


4 Bedroom, 5 Bath Residence

4728 SQ.FT.

Special Offer Pricing $200,000 USD

Excellent Location - Breathtaking Pool 
High Quality Finishes & Furnishings - Elevator