Beautifully nestled on the gulf coast

Enjoy Shared Ownership of this Luxury Vacation Home

What is A Limited Partnership?

Limited Partnership are an established form of ownership that allows a group of similarly minded individuals to own an entity or asset while protecting their other assets and limiting their exposure. Often used real estate, but also found in private aviation, and shipping.

We are looking for a very few sophisticated investors who understand value, quality, and property ownership. We bring the joy of owning and using a luxury second vacation home without single ownership responsibilities and full financial commitment.

Peace of Mind

Technology, Security and Safety

The security and operation of Thurston Groves is supported with security technology. Trustworthy smart home technology such as video surveillance, fire & security monitoring alarm system, exterior lighting ensure the well-being of your home at all times. During your visit, digital thermostats, pool controls, Sonos, and keyless entry for seamless arrival and departure.



Professional property maintenance is provided by Keefer Shared Ownership Inc. to professionaly manage all aspects of your investment.

Ownership Details 

Our Limited Partnership is shared between just 4 unit holders. A maximum of two units can be purchased by any one entity.  Each unit allows the holder to stay at the residence for 13 weeks per year.

Your time at Thurston Groves will be selected by you each October for the upcoming year on a rotating, and balanced basis. This results in use period selections that are most suitable to your schedule.  Weeks can be traded amongst owners, or offered to friends or family for use. The home is not available for advertised rental.

Why is a Limited Partnership superior to a timeshare?

Timeshares offer you the right to use a property for certain weeks over a defined number of years. You don’t own any real property and you have nothing to really sell at the end of your term.

The timeshare industry is fraught with; high pressure sales tactics, elaborate restrictions, and poor disclosure giving you virtually no control over your investment and use. There is no investment aspect to a timeshare, and there is no real exit strategy. Most private timeshare re-sales occur at a fraction of the value originally paid. Unfortunately most people regret the purchase made typically during a family holiday.

A Limited Partnership investment is almost the complete opposite of a timeshare. With our LP, you are buying real estate allowing for tangible ownership.  Any potential appreciation of the property is shared between our Partners. You are free to resell your units at anytime, with a guaranteed exit strategy at year 12.  The property does not carry a mortgage, all unit holders are required to make a complete equity investment

Our Limited Partnership model is perfect for the periodic use owner seeking the benefits of owning a vacation home. 


4 Bedroom, 5 Bath Residence

4728 SQ.FT.

Special Offer Pricing $444,000 USD per unit

Excellent Location - Breathtaking Pool 
High Quality Finishes & Furnishings - Elevator