Luxury motorcoach

With shared ownership enjoy a better experience at a better value


Enjoy Shared Ownership of this Luxury Motorcoach

Welcome to an entirely new way to enjoy all the best places and scenic treasures of North America. With 12 weeks per year set aside just for you, join an exclusive grouping of no more than four owners sharing a common passion. Usage is always limited to just ownership, helping to ensure that this luxury Motorcoach is in competent and caring hands at all times.

We combine select ownership and professional management to let you maximize your investment and only pay for what you will really use. Based in a (Niagara/Hamilton Ontario area) secure storage facility during our Canadian summer season you will receive a total of 6 weeks that you select in 2 week use blocks. Want 4 weeks for a dream trip to the west coast? Simply put two blocks together in a fair and predictable round robin selection process held each year. We will transition to a winter schedule in October of each year, allowing you up to 6 weeks to take this coach to a warmer climate of your choice.

After 5 years this Motorcoach will be sold, and the net proceeds distributed back to our ownership allowing you partial recovery of your investment. A great way to enjoy a better experience at a better value.

Special Offer Pricing $75,000 (cDN) PER UNIT

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