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Enjoy Shared Ownership of this Luxury Motorhome



What is shared ownership?

Do you dream of owning a luxury MotorCoach but can't justify the costs for something that an average owner will only use three weeks per year?

Simply put, Fractional Ownership consists of multiple owners contracting with a managment company to reduce the the expenditure and carrying costs of ownership, allowing ownwer's fair and balanced use.  With our fractional ownership program you split the costs and use of your MotorCoach with a total maximum of no more than four owners. Keefer Shared Ownership Inc. professionally manages the operation and maintenance of the MotorCoach on a balanced predictable schedule. 

We appeal to sophisticated owners who understand value and take pride in ownership of quality. We bring the joy of owning and using a luxury MotorCoach without single ownership responsiblities and full financial commitment.

Peace of Mind

Technology, COMFORT and Safety

Our 2021 Fleetwood Bounder features the latest 



Professional MotorCoach maintenance is provided by Keefer Shared Ownership Inc. to professionaly manage all aspects of your RV investment.

the best of both worlds 

Our 2021 Fleetwood Bounder is shared between just 4 unit holders. A maximum of two units can be purchased by any one entity.  Each unit allows the holder to use the MotorCoach for 12 weeks per year.

Your time with the RV will be selected by you each October for the upcoming year on a rotating, and balanced basis. This results in use period selections that are most suitable to your schedule.  Weeks can be traded amongst owners. Only our MotorCoach owners are allowed to drive the RV.

The MotorCoach is based in a secure storage lot located near Hamilton Ontario during the summer season (May-October). In early November each year the MotorCoach is driven to Florida and stored in a secure storage lot near Tampa. The RV is avaialble for your use until it is returned to Ontario in April.  Enjoy the best of both worlds.

agreement features

Management Fees- are charged each month to cover storage, scheduled maintenance, deep cleaning quarterly, and norht south transitions each year.

Exchange- of use time is allowed as agreed between users.


Selling Your Interest-

Asset Life Cycle and Investment Recapture- 


12 Weeks Use Per Year


Special Offer Pricing $75,000 Cdn