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Enjoy Shared Ownership of this Luxury Motorhome

What is shared ownership?

Shared Ownership consists of select owners contracting with a managment company to reduce the expenditure and operational costs of ownership, while allowing fair and balanced use.  With our program you split the costs and use of your MotorCoach with only three other owners. Keefer Shared Ownership Inc. professionally manages the operation and maintenance of the MotorCoach on a balanced and predictable schedule. At the end of the 5 year program cycle, the MotorCoach is sold and 90% of the proceeds returned to our group owners.

We appeal to sophisticated owners, who understand value and take pride in ownership of quality. We bring the joy of owning and using a luxury MotorCoach without single ownership responsiblities and full financial commitment.

Peace of Mind


Our 2021 Fleetwood Bounder 33C with just 2000kms was originally sold for $207,000. This is in US funds which at todays exchange rate equates to just under $260,000 plus HST.  2022 prices are higher yet again. Our fully subscribed cost of $300,000 represents a very small premium to participate in a shared use structure.  See the build sheet above.

Technology, COMFORT and Safety

Our 2021 Fleetwood Bounder 33c features the latest in comfort, entertainment, and safety technology. A digital screen display and app allow control of most systems effortlessly. Integrated video cameras on side mirrors and behind the vehicle keep you confident in traffic.


Professional MotorCoach maintenance is provided by Keefer Shared Ownership Inc. to professionaly manage all aspects of your RV investment. We use Sicard RV located in Smithville Ontario for routine RV and chasis maintenance as well as deep cleaning. We dont allow smoking or pets in the vehicle to respect our other owners.

the best of both worlds 

Our 2021 Fleetwood Bounder is shared between just 4 unit holders.  Each unit allows the holder to use the MotorCoach 12 weeks per year.

Your time with the RV will be selected by you each October for the upcoming year on a rotating, and balanced basis. This results in use period selections that are most suitable to your schedule.  Weeks can be traded amongst owners. Only our MotorCoach owners are allowed to drive the vehicle.

The MotorCoach is based in a secure storage lot located near Hamilton Ontario during the summer season (May-October). In October we transition to a winter use schedule allowing each owner a 6 week use block to use if you wish in warmer climates. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

USE agreement features

Contracted Use Agreement- Your rights are protected thru share ownership within a company that only owns this Luxury MotorCoach. The five year use agreement between shareholders ensures your position. All managment is provided by Keefer Shared Management. 

Transparent Management-  A modest maintenance charge is charged each month to cover storage, scheduled maintenance, deep cleaning, and management fees. 

Use Exchange- Owners can exchange or sell their use blocks to another owner as desired. Use of the MotorCoach by non-owners is not permitted.

Storage- Our coach will be stored in the Hamilton area. After the sale of all four units the ownership can change the storage location with group consent.

Transferring Your Interest- You are welcome to sell your interest at any point after ownership of one year. 

Asset Life Cycle and Investment Recapture- at the end of 5 years the MotorCoach is sold and 90% of the sale proceeds are returned to our group members.


2021 Fleetwood Bounder Luxury MotorCoach

Exclusive Offer Pricing, Only 4 Units Available, $75,000 (Cdn) per unit

Professionally Managed
Pragmatic & Affordable Luxury